How WooCommerce Wishlist and Add to Favorite Works

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Woocommerce Wishlist and Add to Favorite is a simple plugin to let your customers list down their Favorite Products. With the Add to Favorite button, your customers can mark products as their favorite products in just one click. There will be a My Favorite Products link on the customer’s Dashboard page as well as in the main menu which will show the products which have been marked as Favorite.

Using Woocommerce Wishlist & Add to Favorite plugin your customer can mark Products as Favorite Products for any upcoming event. Using the social feature, customers would be able to share their wishlist to their social media channels.

How to Enable Wishlist Functionality on Your WooCommerce Store?

Once the plugin is active by default it’ll create an ‘Add to Favorite’ button that’ll be placed next to the ‘Add to Cart’ button across your site. To disable favorite products functionality, go to WordPress Admin dashboard click on WooCommerce >> Settings >> Products >> Favorite Products. General settings will be open. Now all you need is to uncheck Enable Favorite Products checkbox. In general settings you can set the following options:

  • Select the favorite product title, type which may be an icon, label, and both.
  • Add a favorite product title label
  • Select favorite product title icon
  • Add favorite products title custom image URL
  • Select the favorite products page on which users can view all of their favorite products in one place.
  • Display favorite product link in the menu
Wishlist General Settings
General Settings
Wishlist Functionality
Wishlist Functionality on WooCommerce shop

How to Enable a Wishlist for Users?

WooCommerce Wishlist and Add to Favorite plugin allows you to enable favorite product functionality for both registered or guest users. Select logout users if you want to enable favorite products functionality only for guest visitors. Guest visitors can create their Wishlists to be stored for a maximum of 30 days or until they clear their WooCommerce store cookies. Similarly, you can enable favorite products functionality only for registered or logged-in users. Registered customers can create Wishlists and store them indefinitely.

Enable Wishlist users
Enable Wishlist for WooCommerce users

How to Customize Your Favorite Product Button?

WooCommerce Wishlists plugin provides different options to customize the favorite product button. In favorite products, button settings user can

  • Select button position, button type, and button icon.
  • Can add ‘remove’ and ‘add’ buttons text and custom image URL.
  • Add customizable notification messages
  • Add custom CSS class for the button
  • User can enable add to the favorite button for shop loop items
  • Users can enable the removal of product items from the wishlist if added to the cart functionality.
wishlist button settings
WooCommerce Favorite Product Button Settings
Enable button for Shop Loop Items
Enable button for Shop Loop Items

How to Customize Favorite Product Table?

WooCommerce Wishlist and Add to Favorite plugin allows you to customize the favorite products table on which users can view all of their favorite products in one place. The favorite products table contains product thumbnail, product title, product regular price, product price, Product SKU, and product stock status column. From favorite product table settings, you can customize the table by checking or unchecking these columns.  

Wishlist Product Table
WooCommerce Wishlist Product Table Settings
Wishlist product table
WooCommerce Wishlist product table

How to Add Favorite Product Drawer?

Using the Wishlist for WooCommerce plugin, users can enable or disable their favorite product drawer on all pages of the website. When the user enables favorite product drawer functionality on the website, a drawer button will be displayed on the page. Whenever you click on the drawer button, a popup will open containing all of your favorite products. All you need is to check the Enable Drawer checkbox. Even you can customize the drawer button and drawer container by adding custom classes.

Wishlist Product Drawer Settings
WooCommerce Wishlist Product Drawer Settings
Wishlist Drawer on Frontend
WooCommerce Add to Favorite Product Drawer on Frontend

How to Share Wishlist on Social Media?

Social sharing is one of the top features of the WooCommerce Wishlist and Add to Favorite plugin. Using the social sharing feature customers would be able to share their wishlist on social media channels i.e Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Customers can share wishlists with their social media friends thereby giving a great boost to the company’s sales. All you need is to check social media platforms from the social sharing options.

Wishlist Social Sharing Settings
WooCommerce Social Sharing Settings in Backend
Wishlist Social Sharing
WooCommerce Wishlist & Add to Favorite Social Sharing on Frontend

How to Set Wishlist Privacy?

WooCommerce Wishlist plugin provides full privacy control over wishlists. Customers can make their Wishlists as public so anyone can search and find their list, shared (only someone with the unique URL can view it), or private (only they can view it).

Wishlist Privacy
WooCommerce Favorite Product Privacy on Frontend

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