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How to restrict orders in WooCommerce?

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Do you want to restrict orders in WooCommerce? If so, this article will definitely help you.

Order restrictions on the WooCommerce plugin allow you to apply restrictions on orders like how many or how much you can order. To have control over your online store, you can apply restrictions for minimum and maximum orders according to your production capacities.

Minimum order restrictions mean the smallest number of orders a customer is permitted to place is determined by the order quantity or amount, for example: if you are ordering a product that is less than 5$ then you can’t order until your order amount is equal to or greater than 5$ because you applied minimum order limit 5$.

On the other side, In order to prevent consumers from exceeding the highest limit, the maximum order limits entail setting the highest quantity or value.

Order restriction rules are beneficial for your online shop. For instance, It will entice customers to check on their desired goods to exceed the minimum order limit or customers can earn gift vouchers if they order the maximum order purchases, which will inspire them to buy more products.

In this article, we will show you how to use a plugin to apply order restrictions on WooCommerce.

Install and set up the order restriction plugin.

The first thing you need to do is to install and activate the plugin to apply rules on orders.

restrict orders in wooCoomerce

For more details, see step-by-step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

Install Plugin restric orders

Click the install button and activate this plugin to apply restrictions on WooCommerce orders.

Main features of Order Limit Plugin:

The WooCommerce Order Limit Plugin is a full-featured and convenient plugin. 

Let’s read the plugin’s essential features and capabilities.  

  1. Customer order limit
  2. Product order limit
  3. Product category order limit
  4. Order total limit
  5. Advanced options
  6. Exclusion list
  7. Store limit 

These all are advanced, powerful key features that this plugin provides. Let’s discuss each feature one by one.

1. Add customer order Restriction

By using the customer order limit option to restrict orders you will have the following options:

  1. Restrict the number of times customers can order in a specific time period.
  2. Restrict the total amount for customers to spend in a specific time span.
  3. Limit customer orders on a specific role like guest role, registered, etc.
  4. Set start and end times for guest users to place orders.
  5. You can set the time span according to your requirement, whether monthly, daily, yearly, or custom.

To apply these restrictions you can select Custom Rule Type

For more details you can visit plugin’s documentation or for step by step demo you can visit this link.

customer rule type 1

2. Add Product order Restriction

By choosing the product order limit rule you will have the following options:

  1. Select Single or Multiple products you want to apply the rule.
  2. Enable the accumulative option to apply rule on selected products (Combinely). For example, if you place the limit that user can purchase maximum 5 products and you have selected 2 products then customer will be able to purchase maximum 5 products ( Combine ). If you disable this option, then customer will be able to purchase 10 product, each product 5 times.
  3. Enable or disable the individual rules.
  4. Enable or disable the maximum limit.
  5. Enable or disable the time limit.

To apply these restrictions you can select the Product Rule Type.

product rule type 1

For a description of this rule, you can visit this page of the documentation and also for step by step demo guide you can visit this link.

3. Add Product category order Restriction

The following choices are available when selecting the product category order limit rule:

  1. Select the categories you want to apply the limit.
  2. Set an accumulative limit on multiple categories.
  3. Enable or disable the individual rule.
  4. Enable or disable the maximum limit.
  5. Enable or disable the time limit.
  6. Change reset day for weekly limits.
  7. Change reset day for monthly limits.
  8. Change reset day for yearly limits.
  9. Select the start and end date for the custom Time Span option.

To apply these restrictions you can select Category Rule Type.

category rule type 1

You can visit this documentation page for a description of this rule and this link for a step-by-step demonstration guide.

You can visit this documentation page for a description of this rule and this link for a step-by-step demonstration guide.

4. Order total Restriction

When choosing the order total limit rule, the following options are available:

  1. Set the minimum and the maximum amount to make a purchase.
  2. Set minimum and maximum quantity to place an order.

To implement these rules, select Order Total option from the WC order limit Setting.

order total setting

This rule is described on this documentation page, and this link will take you to a step-by-step demonstration walkthrough.

5. Advance options

In addition to allowing you to implement limitation rules, this plugin also offers several other helpful features. Just click on the advance option from the WC order limit Setting. Such as

  1. Hide the Checkout button based on the order limit.
  2. Custom error messages to notify users about order limits.
checkout button

3. Product limit options

advance order limit

4. Exclude limit options.

5. Category limit options

category limit option

6. Customer limit options

customer limit option

7. Cart total limit options

cart total limit

If you want to learn more step-by-step, visit this video link.

6. Exclusion list

It will be quite beneficial to exclude products from the product list using the exclusion list. 

For example, if you want to exclude one or more products from rules then you can use this option. You can also make more than one rule in the exclusion list. For more details visit this link.

exclution list

7. Store limit

If you use the store limit option, then your business will be closed automatically on a specific time frame that you selected from the options. Store owners can use this temporarily if they know their inventory will not be available for a while.

After selecting the maximum limit you can ensure that the number of orders in your store does not exceed this maximum limit within a time frame. For more details check this page.



WooCommerce cannot set minimum and maximum quantity limits when ordering products. However, you can easily add it to your WooCommerce store with a plugin. If you’re looking for a reliable plugin, then visit order limit.

As you can see it provides a lot of functionality in a simple way.

Add an Order restrictions plugin, then enable WooCommerce payments according to your requirements like PayPal, Bank Cheque, Stripe, or whatever payment gateways you want to choose then proceed to checkout and you can restrict orders in WooCommerce.

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