How to Add Wishlist Feature in your WooCommerce Store

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Do you want to sell your store’s products fast? Since WooCommerce sits on top of WordPress, increasing WooCommerce sales conversion rate is everyone’s dream. The WooCommerce and WordPress combination gives store owners unlimited features in building out their WooCommerce stores. One feature every WooCommerce store owner might want to add is a wishlist feature. Wishlists have become an essential feature for any WooCommerce website because of its potential to convert your website visitors into customers and increase your product sales. You can allow your store visitors to put their favorite products on hold in a future wishlist.

In this article, we will show you how to boost your sales as well as site traffic in WordPress and WooCommerce using the wishlist feature. 

Why do people need the wishlist feature in their WooCommerce Stores?

There are many reasons why do eCommerce store owners need the wishlist feature in their stores. Every eCommerce store owner wants to transform their eCommerce website into a great shopping destination that customers would never want to leave. Your store visitors might like to save a few products in a wishlist and come back later to purchase those products.

Through the Wishlist feature, you can help your website visitors by giving at least one reason to come back to your store at a later date (even after months) to add those products to the cart and complete the checkout.

You can even give them magic powers, such as sharing their wishlists with friends or family and using them publicly or privately. The perfect example of this is creating a festival wishlist that you can share with your family and friends. So, instead of guessing what to get you, they know the exact presents you want.

There are many wishlist plugins available for download. But choosing the right one for your store can increase your sales. Then add this “WooCommerce Wishlist and Add to Favorite” plugin to increase your sales and conversions. Let’s take a look at the plugin features and functionality.

WooCommerce Wishlist and Add to Favorite plugin for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Wishlist and Add to Favorite is a simple plugin to let your customers list down their Favorite Products. It will boost up your sales as well as site traffic because of the Social Sharing Module. With the Add to Favorite button, your customers can mark products as their Favorite Products in just one click. There will be a My Favorite Products link on the customer’s Dashboard page as well as in the main menu which will show the products which have been marked as Favorite.

Using Woocommerce Wishlist & Add to Favorite your customer can mark Products as Favorite Products for any upcoming event. Social sharing would be one of the top features this plugin extends to its users. Using this feature, customers would be able to share their wishlist with their social media friends thereby giving a great boost to the company’s sales.

What is included in the WooCommerce Wishlist and Add to Favorite plugin?

Individual Wishlist Page: WooCommerce Wishlist plugin allows users to add items to their wishlist they should be able to view all of their favorite products in one place. They can even manage their wishlist, add and delete product items, and create multiple lists. 

Add to Favorite Button on different Pages: user can add a favorite button on the shop page or single product page and even enable or disable the favorite button for the shop loop page.

Sharing Favorite product lists: social sharing is one of the top features of the WooCommerce Wishlist plugin. Using the social sharing feature customers would be able to share their wishlist on social media channels i.e Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.

Favorite Product Drawer: user can enable the favorite product drawer on all pages. Whenever the user clicks on the drawer button a popup will open with all of their favorite products. Even you can customize the drawer button.

Favorite Product Button

WooCommerce Wishlist’s plugin provides different options to customize favorite product button which are as follows:

  • Manage position of Add to Favorite button i.e before, after, and custom.
  • Add to favorite button types which are
    •  Only icon
    • Only text
    • Both text and icon
  • User can change favorite button icon i.e heart, star, and custom
  • User can change button text as well
  • You can change the text of remove from the favorite button

Easy Customizable: Wishlists for WooCommerce plugin provide customizable notification messages. Custom CSS classes for the favorite button. Even user can customize favorite product table.

Integration with WordPress Menus: Integration with WordPress Menus, making it possible to add a link to any menu supported in your theme.

Favorite Product Lists: Unlimited number of Wishlists can be created. Whether it is one list for a special occasion or a few personal lists, and a few shared lists, possibilities are endless.

Privacy Settings: Full privacy control over lists. Customers can assign their Wishlists as public anyone can search and find their list), shared (only someone with the unique URL can view), or private (only they can view it).

ShortCodes: WooCommerce Wishlist and Add to Favorite plugin provides shortcodes for favorite products list and favorite product button so you can put them on the website wherever you want.

Work for both Registered and Guest Users: Guest visitors can create their Wishlists to be stored for a maximum of 30 days or until they clear their cookies. Registered customers can create Wishlists and store them indefinitely.

How WooCommerce Wishlist and Add to Favorite Plugin Works?

WooCommerce Wishlist and Add to Favorite plugin is easily integrated with your WooCommerce store and lets your site users create a wishlist. Once the plugin is active it’ll create an ‘Add to Favorite’ button that’ll be placed next to the ‘Add to Cart’ button across your site. All you need is to click on the “Add to Favorite” button and your product will add to the Wishlist. You can enable the shop loop item option to add the “Add to Favorite” button on each product.

You can add or remove your favorite product from the list. Wishlist for WooCommerce plugin allows showing favorite product drawer on all pages. You can control your wishlist privacy by setting it public, private, or shared. Even you can share your favorite product list on social media with your friends and family. Read our “How WooCommerce Wishlist and Add to Favorite Works” article for more details.

We hope this article helped you to add a wishlist feature to your eCommerce store and for nurturing your business. If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress video tutorials. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.