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How To Easily Add a Wishlist to Woocommerce Stores

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Want an easy tutorial about how to add a wishlist to WooCommerce stores? In this post, we’ll take you step-by-step through the process of adding a wishlist feature.

We have written a detailed post about why you should add a wishlist to your online store, the benefits of having a wishlist feature, and best practices to execute it well. 

In this post, we’ll get into the how of adding the wishlist functionality to WooCommerce using a plugin called WooCommerce Wishlist and Add to Favorites Plugin. 

Woocommerce Wishlist and Add to Favorite is a simple plugin to let your customers add their Favorite Products to their wishlist and to add a wishlist to WooCommerce.

With the Add to Favorite button, your customers can mark products as their favorites in just one click. It adds a My Favorite Products link on the customer’s dashboard page as well as in the main menu. 

Using the social feature, customers can also share their wishlist on their social media channels.

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How to Add a Wishlist to WooCommerce Stores 

Now, to begin this tutorial, make sure you have your WooCommerce website already set up. 

Go on and purchase the WooCommerce Wishlist and Add to Favorite Plugin from Code Canyon. 

Install the plugin on your WooCommerce store and Activate it. 

Check out this detailed article about how to install a plugin on WordPress if you’re not sure about it. 

Create a My Wishlist Page

Before you configure the wishlist plugin and add a wishlist to WooCommerce store, you’ll need to create a page where your customers’ wishlist will be displayed. 

To set up the page, navigate to Pages > Add New. 

add a wishlist to your woocommerce store

Give a descriptive title to your page like My Wishlist. 

add a wishlist to your woocommerce store

Change the permalink of the page to something like mystore.com/wishlist

Next, using the Gutenberg editor, add a shortcode block to the editor and add the following shortcode: 


Click Save and Publish. 

How to Customize the WooCommerce Wishlist Button

The wishlist feature is already enabled by default on activating the plugin and you’ll be able to see that it has added another button beside your Add to Cart button on product pages and product category pages. 

add a wishlist to your woocommerce store

To customize the Wishlist button and configure settings, navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Favorite Products

add a wishlist to your woocommerce store

You can change the button styles using the other settings and options given: 

  • Choose from three styles of the Wishlist button: label only, icon only, and both
  • Changing the label of the Add to Favorites button
  • Choose an icon for the button: heart, star or a custom icon URL
  • Select the page you created earlier for displaying the wishlist items. 
  • Choose whether you want to enable the wishlist feature for logged in users, guests or both. Guest visitors can create their Wishlists to be stored for a maximum of 30 days or until they clear their WooCommerce store cookies. Similarly, you can enable favorite products functionality only for registered or logged-in users. Registered customers can create Wishlists and store them indefinitely.
  • Enable show link in menu to add the Wishlist icon in the header. 

WooCommerce Wishlists plugin provides different options to customize the Add to Wishlist button:

  • Customize button position, button type, and button icon
  • Customize notification messages that are displayed when a product is added to the wishlist
  • Add custom CSS class for the wishlist button
  • Users can enable the Wishlist button for shop loop items
  • Users can enable the removal of product items from the wishlist if they are added to the cart
add a wishlist to woocommerce store

You can also customize the Favorite products table where users can view all of their favorite products in one place. They can also add these products directly to the cart and check out when they are ready to buy. 

add a wishlist to your woocommerce store

The Favorite products table contains product thumbnail, product title, product regular price, product price, Product SKU, and product stock status column. You can add or remove columns from the Table Settings.

Wishlist Product Table

You can also enable a Wishlist drawer on all pages of the website. 

When someone clicks the drawer button, a popup will open containing their favorite products. 

add a wishlist to your woocommerce store

To enable this feature, just check the option: Enable Drawer. 

You can customize the drawer button by adding custom CSS classes to the button and the drawer container. 

add a wishlist to your woocommerce store

You can also enable social sharing of wishlists, which allows customers to share their wishlists with their friends on social media. 

add a wishlist to your woocommerce store

To do that, turn on the following options:

add a wishlist to your woocommerce store

Moreover, customers can also change the privacy settings of their wishlists. On the My Wishlist page where customers can see the wishlist table, they can use the Action dropdown to change their list to Public or Private. 

add a wishlist to your woocommerce store

Public wishlists can be configured to display on a page dedicated for these user wishlists.

To do this, create a page and give it a suitable title, for example: User Favorites.

Then, in the plugin settings, enable the User Favorite List functionality.

how to add wishlist to woocommerce store

Then select the User Favorites page from the dropdown: Favorite User List Page.

Keep the functionality enabled for All Users.

Last, check the options to add the link in the menu and on the cart page.

That’s it, we’ve reached the end of this tutorial of how to add a wishlist to WooCommerce store.